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Strong By Bodyweight Level 2

Build greater strength and conquer your body even further with the Strong By Bodyweight Level 2 Program This …


Strong By Bodyweight Level 1

Build strength and conquer your body with the Strong By Bodyweight Level 1 Program This is a full …


Strong & Sculpted

Build size and feel powerful with the Strong & Sculpted progrm!  This is a full body program, with …


Lean & Mean

Get toned and feel sexy with the Lean & Mean program! This is a full body program, with …


Booty & Thigh

Get fit and feel sexy with Booty & Thighs program! This is a full body program, with a …


Express Pump

Get pumped and feel incredible in under 30 minutes! In this program we’re going to give you the …


Body By Bands

Build your fittest & sexiest physique yet with the Body By Bands program! This is a full body …


Body By Dumbells

Build a complete body to look Hollywood ready with just some dumbbells. …


Body By Bands & Dumbbells

Build your sex appeal with just some dumbbells and resistance bands. …


Built By Bodyweight

Get fit and feel sexy in 8 weeks with just your body! …


In the Gym 8 Week Program

For those with a complete gym setup who are ready to kick ass and feel fabulous. …

Got A Question? Check Out Our FAQ's

Do I need to have training experience to participate?

Absolutely not!! Our programs cater to all levels of experience, and we will coach you through how to adjust them to suit you.

How long do the workouts take?

45 minutes! However, we include strategies for you to utilise to increase or decrease the length of your workout, as we know everyone has a different amount of time available.

What if I’m not ready to begin immediately?

That’s okay! With each program you receive lifetime access so you can take your time getting started. There are additional modules on life beyond training that we’d recommend working through straight away, to set you up in the best possible way for the training side when you’re ready.

How many workouts are included?

All programs come with 32 unique workouts spread across an 8-week period, and remember, on purchase you receive lifetime access!

What equipment am I going to need?

Whatever you have available to work with now, we have a program ready for you! Whether bodyweight only, a basic home set-up, or full gym access, select the program that most closely matches what you have to work with and let’s get started.

Do I need to be at a gym or can I do this from home?

You can do these programs from ANYWHERE!! If you prefer working out from home, and have the basic equipment included in the title, you’ll have enough to rock n roll! For those who do prefer the gym, all programs can be taken there too!

Is there a time limit on the programs?

Absolutely not! The purchase of a program comes with lifetimes access, so you can complete it at your own pace, and even take yourself through it again in the future to maximise your gains.

Do I need to do the sessions at a specific time or on a specific day?

Not at all! Our programs are designed to work around your schedule and the way you choose to train. Simply go through the program workouts in the order they’re written and watch your beach bod take shape!

How much do the programs cost?

All programs are a one time payment of $47 USD for lifetime access, unless otherwise indicated on the program itself.

Do the programs include support with food and nutrition strategies?

Absolutely!! Our programs all come with multiple modules covering food, nutrition, and recovery principles to allow you to maximise your efforts from Day 1.

Are the programs customized?

Our programs are designed for anyone at any level wanting to improve their fitness, feel lean, light, sexy, and build a body that propels them forward through life. Our programs will teach you how customise the framework to your current level, allowing you to see even greater improvement.

What if I want a specifically custom-built program?

We’ve got you covered! Head to the contact page and fill out an application form to work with Dylan directly where you’ll receive exactly that.

What if I have an injury?

Great question! We give options throughout the program to allow for scaling, particularly for those with injuries or limitations. If you’re still unsure or want a program built specifically to suit where you’re at, head to the contact page and apply to work with Dylan where you can go into greater detail about what is right for you.

What do I do when I complete a program?

Keep the momentum going!! Head to the programs page, where you’ll find new programs available each month to help keep your progress moving in the right direction. You can always go back over a past program in the future to retest your progress.

What if I want to work with Dylan directly?

We’ve got you covered! Head to the contact page and fill out an application form to work with Dylan, where you’ll receive a brand-new program updated every week to perfectly hit your goals.

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