Our Clients

Our Clients

George K

Starting with Dylan when I was already over 40 years of age I was amazed at the results we were able to achieve despite what other coaches had told me in the past. Dylan’s blend of fun and expert level health and fitness knowledge are the best combination I’ve seen in my time, he is the most entertaining trainer on Earth by far!

At 48 years old I have never felt sexier and more able to rip my clothes off at the beach. Can’t wait to see what the next few years of training bring!!


Sasha P

When I started with Dylan I felt like I’d tried everything and didn’t really know how online training would work. I’m glad I took a chance and now know that it was the best decision I’ve ever made because the results I’ve achieved have changed my life.

Dylan brings a level of personal care to every client he works with, which is rare for an online coach. My new program shows up every week and Dylan is always reaching out for additional support, so I feel like I get to have him there with me through every session which is exactly what I’ve needed to succeed. Thanks so much Dylan!! You rock x.

Jordan R

I started with Dylan to help improve my running for AFL, but quickly found that he was able to help me with so much more. Educating me on diet and how to fuel my body, along with an athletic strength program, I have seen by weight drop, my muscle increase, and my running capacity go through the roof!!

My teammates don’t believe me when I tell them my coach is online, and to be honest, if I hadn’t done it myself I wouldn’t have thought it could be this good. Thanks for taking me to the next level Dyl!!


What Our Clients Say

“I’ve loved my training with coach Dylan the last couple of years. I have two young kids and run a small business from home so the gym has never been my thing. Thankfully, that hasn’t mattered because Dylan crafts my program around what I have at home, and I can fit the workouts in whenever it suits me. I never thought I’d have my bum back after having kids, but I’m very happy to say (as is my husband) that it’s looking beach season ready, as Dylan always tells me!!”
Sandra W
“Dylan is an excellent friend, trainer & coach. He tailors workouts to me given the varying equipment, which is hugely helpful given I travel quite often. He always provides me with amazing advice and is super helpful whenever I need it. I’ve been with Dylan for 5 years, his online fully flexible offerings is the best I’ve seen and gives me all the tools I need to do exactly what I need to!”
Jay I
“A huge thank you to Dylan and Body By DB for helping transform my body following his programs. They arrive for the whole week with helpful video, and Dylan is always there to answer questions and tailor my workout. I used to go to the gym, but have found using bands, a kettlebell and bodyweight has produced big changes to my physique. Thanks Body By Dylan!!”
Sean T

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