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What Our Clients Say


Jason A.

I came across Dylan on Instagram and I’m so glad that I did. I loved his energy and felt an instant connection and knew he would be the one to help me. My workouts were customised to what I had at home, and the transformation was incredible. I’m stronger, I have more energy and I feel Like the sexy Rockstar that I always knew I could be. Thank you, Dylan, for being a part of my journey.
Jason A

Sasha P.

As a new mum with limited time, I needed something I could do from anywhere and that would give me options to keep me motivated. Dylan’s platform has given me that and more, helping me to rediscover my strength and shape, with endless options in length and style of workouts. I love the classes especially, they are so entertaining! Thanks for helping me become a hot mama xx
Sasha P.

Poncho D.

Working with Dylan has been a great journey and he has fantastic care for his clients. He updates programs and workouts regularly to keep things fun and super effective. His platform is incredibly easy to use and he is an extraordinarily knowledgeable trainer, very clear and enjoyable to learn from.
Poncho D.

Patricia R.

Dylan has been the best coach I’ve ever had!! With his help I’ve lost weight I never thought I could, am stronger than I’ve ever been, and have even started competing in fitness competitions with amazing success. Dylan’s workouts are always enjoyable, he is such a fun guy, and his knowledge of training is the best I’ve ever experienced. This platform is world class and everyone should give it a go!
Patricia R.

Jordan R.

I started using Dylan’s platform to help with my running and athletics training but quickly found out there was so much more. With his help I’ve been able to drop fat, increase my muscle (my wife is thrilled!) and see my track times improve massively. Thanks for helping me rediscover my confidence and feel like a new man!!
Jordan R.

Sean T.

A huge thank you to Dylan & George and the team at Body By DB for helping to transform my body! All the workouts are easy to follow and have an instructional video of Dylan I can simply follow along. I used to go to the gym, but with the endless workouts in the platform, I’ve been able to see even greater results using just kettlebells and resistance bands. Thanks again Body By DB!!
Sean T.
Dylan is an excellent friend, trainer & coach. He tailors workouts to me given the varying equipment, which is hugely helpful given I travel quite often. He always provides me with amazing advice and is super helpful whenever I need it. I’ve been with Dylan for 5 years, his online fully flexible offerings is the best I’ve seen and gives me all the tools I need to do exactly what I need to!
Jay I.

Sasha W.

I’ve loved my training with Coach Dylan the last couple of years. I have two small children and run my own business from home, so getting to the gym has never been my thing. Thankfully the platform provides an amazing number of options and I can simply select the ones that suit what I have at home with the limited time available. I never thought I’d get my bum back, but I’m happy to report (as is my husband!!) that it’s looking beach season sexy as Dylan always says. Couldn’t be happier!
Sandra W.

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